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My Testimony Being an IMG Member

Sunday, January 12, 2014 - - 1 Comments

I have been invited several times to numerous networking businesses. I joined to some of them hoping I can add up some sustainable income to help ease our financial burden. They all failed. Most of them focused on building their network rather than selling their products. The reason: bigger commission is earn via recruitment than product sales. Most of the time, because they are a networking business, those that went ahead of you are the ones successful. Pity those last VICTIMS that just joined in the company.

The end results for you to grow in those companies:
  • If you failed as a seller of their products, be a constant user yourself and earn commissions from your own consumptions. Funny.
  • Recruit as hard as you can or be left behind.
  • Hard to practice what you are preaching. Their consumable products are expensive. Just like in most TV ads. Product endorsers are they themselves not users.
After several failed attempts, I promised myself to no longer join any networking businesses. I have become allergic to the word "Networking" from then on.

It has been everybody's dream to become financially FREE. And the way I see it, I learned early on that you can never depend on a single income. You need to have a second source - a business. The only high-yield investments I knew was Time Deposits. But that requires bigger amount of investments to start for you to benefit from the 3% annual returns. Investment was never a good consideration for me that time and Inflation was just a popular word in my economic subject in school.

But everything was changed when I joined IMG (International Marketing Group) on Septempber 28, 2012. Some few months before I signed my membership, I was already aware of Bro. Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club and been reading his weekly inspirational guide. The monthly membership was way too costly for me so I tried inquiring through their FB page if there were affordable options for me start small. I was referred to this and that until I saw then AMD Jerry Seculles (now a Marketing Director) post about Financial Literacy Seminar. To make the story short, I attended the Coaching Seminar conducted by the Truly Rich Maker (TRM) team of Angelie Noya here in Cagayan de Oro City.

The Concepts I learned was like a bomb of blessings dropped unto me. I was overwhelmed. I was excited. Somewhere on November 2012, when another TRM team led by then MD Malvin Leano (now CEO) came back to Cagayan de Oro when I executed my first step to Financial Freedom. I owned a Kaiser.

More than a year since I joined, rising from debts is the most fulling achievement I have made so far being a member . But it doesn't stop there. The blessings I receive was not meant for me to keep. I have to share it. I conducted BMP (Bring Meeting to People) to friends and relatives. And God was generous enough to help me with this cause. I now have a regular weekly BPM (Bring People to Meeting) at the office every Saturday 9AM at Door 2, Malayan bldg., Velez corner Nacalaban st., Cagayan de Oro City. Email: Mobile: +639167413331 FB:

So why I joined IMG? Based on experience, this is the only business wherein "You can make a sale without selling. And earn by helping." In here, you will take pride from what you will earn by helping more people become financially independent. You don't even have to be good at words. All you have to do is practice what you preach. We have a great proven system and mentors (Benj and Fely Santiago). Where else can you find such a Business with a Heart? I am proud to be an IMG member. I am proud to be one of Bro. Bo Sanchez's Missionaries of Financial Literacy.

On my next posts, I will be sharing in details how the following concepts helped me in achieving my financial goals.
  • 6 Steps to Financial Security
  • Building a Solid Financial Foundation
  • Rule of 72
  • 10 - 20 - 70 Principle by Bro. Bo Sanchez
This is an on going process but I'm getting there. Thank you for your time. God bless!

Greatness in Simplicity - a tribute to Mama Oben

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - - 0 Comments

You gave not only when you have a lot in excess but even when you have the least.

You helped not only when you think you are secured but also in time when you needed one.

You never own a cellphone, a tablet, an iPad or any latest gadget. But you reminded us that the best thing to catch up with is not technology but childhood lessons that value relationships that we have missed or have ignored.

 You never earned a doctorate degree but you taught us lessons by living a good example.

You did not own any treasure but you left us a legacy - a lesson that your family, relatives and friends can look up to and share to the next generation.
You will be misses Mama Oben.


The Hosts and Parasites of Philippine Politics

Monday, October 7, 2013 - - 0 Comments

I've learned from high school in our Economics subject that the main reason for Poverty is unequal distribution of wealth. This is due to the massive corruption in the government causing some goods and services unable to reach the supposed beneficiaries in their respective areas. This is very basic. The poor communities would keep on blaming the government for their current situation. The politicians on the other hand, would use the poor as a great tool for their campaigns. They would promise them the world just to gain favor.

With the recent expose about Pork Barrels, it is very evident that our country have more than enough not to be called a Third World country. Yes, billions have been lost from the government coffers but was that really the reason why there are still more poor people in the country? Did those poor people knew that there is such a thing called Vehicles to Wealth? A lot of people and some politicians already became filthy rich from Stock Market and Mutual Fund. Do the Poor People know that anyone can invest on it? Or have you heard of any politicians during election campaign that includes in their promises that they will help you uplift from your financial burdens by utilizing these vehicles? Do they teach how money can work for them and not just work for the money?

Most people are financially stupid the reason they are poor. And most of our government officials would want you to stay in that situation. We are unmindfully aware of already playing a host of these parasitic government officials who feed on our need for help. We keep on crying for help while those corrupt officials are using it to their advantage. The recent Pork Barrel scams explains it all.

Local barangay election is fast approaching. Here's my message to our local officials who will run for office: We are living in a democratic government where being poor is a decision and not an option. Please stop feeding on our needs. Help us instead to feed ourselves independently. "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime." - unknown

Philippines' PDAF a.k.a. Pork Barrel Fund Will Have a New

Friday, August 23, 2013 - - 0 Comments

Before going through the list, here's my personal suggestion:
  • PORK CHOP - Perpektong Operasyon ng mga Representatives para Kumita sa mga CHuvanes Organization na Peneke
  • The BUWAYA - The Best Unlimited Wealth for the Welfare of All the Yucky Alipores

1. Budgetary Allocation for Collaborative Outreach Nationwide (BACON)
2. Lawmakers Initiative for Emergency, Miscellaneous and Personal Outlay (LIEMPO)
3. Livelihood Empowerment for Countrywide Humanitarian Outlaw Network (LECHON)
4. Pinagandang Iligal na Gastusin (PIG)
5. Countrywide Universal Priority Initiatives Treasury (CUPIT) Fund
6. Totally New Government PDAF Audited to Satisfaction (TONGPATS)
7. National Assistance Program of Lawmakers Engaged in Swindling (NAPOLES)
8. Holistic Lawmaking for Development of All Filipinos (HOLDAF)
9. Selective Enforcement of Budgetary Outlays (SEBO)
10. Government Outlay Line-itemized and Appropriated Yearly (GOLAY)
11. Fund Integration for Social Housing (FISH)
12. Bridges, Excavations & Elevated Roads Fund (BEEF)
13. Countrywide Allocations With Accountability and Transparency (CAWAT)
14. National Allotment for Countryside Amelioration and Welfare (NACAW)
15. PNoy's Initiative for Good Governance CountrYwide (PIGGY))
16. Countrywide Assistance for Special and Important Matters (CASIM)
17. Budget for Allies for Continuation of Party Dominance (BACON-PD)
18. Hearty Allocation of Money (HAM).
19. Benigno Aquino Development Assistance Fund (BADAF)
20. Countrywide Outreach and Rehabilitation Assistance Fund (CORAF)
21. BSA's Awesome Budget for Outstanding Allies of the Year (BABOY)
22. Horrifyingly Unlimited Money for Belmonte, Aquino and Allies (HUMBA)
23. Pnoy's Allowance and Treasury Allocation (PATA)
24. President Aquino’s Nationwide Outlay for Transparency (PANOT I)
25. President-Approved National Outlay from Treasury (PANOT II)
26. President Aquino's Political Action and Initiative for Total Allocation of National Budget (PAPAITAN)
27. Social Initiative for Service in Governance (SISIG)
28. President’s Overt Revenue Kickback (PORK)
29. President’s Outlay for Countrywide Handling of Emergency Rehabilitation for Opulence (POCHERO)
30. Outlay for the Interest of Noynoy and Kinsfolks (OINK)
31. Countrywide Re-distribution of the Inherent Source of Patronage for the Yellow President’s Allies, Toads and Associates (CRISPY PATA)
32. Legislative Allocation for Reform and Development (LARD)
33. Barangay Initiatives for New Allocations Granting Oversight On Non-Government Associations Nationwide (BINAGOONGAN)
34. Presidential Oversight for Relatives and Kin with Budgetary Entitlement from Legislative Largesse Yearly (PORK BELLY)
35. National Allotment for Countrywide Amelioration and Welfare Initiative Fund (NACAWIN FUND)
Source: Unknown

15 WordPress Plugins - A choice of Bloggers

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - - 0 Comments

In so numerous years since, the word press has become the most well liked platform for enterprise. WordPress is been accessed by million sites behind thousands of persons for enterprise in world of Internet marketing. Everything from –commerce websites to blogs can be developed in WordPress. WordPress plug-ins are very well known; it helps you to improve your WordPress sites seek ranking. It raises the traffic to your business. In this post 15 WordPress plug-ins is being described which are really popular in Bloggers.


It’s a plug-in which takes the key localities of your site and allows you to add the keywords which will convey visitors to your location.
Just in case you are not 100% certain about key phrases, this is the phrase or phrase that somebody will type into Google which should agree them to your site. For demonstration if you run the red widget blog, you may desire to attract peoples attention with the keyword “metal red widget” If you can optimize key areas of your location with that phrase. It was downloaded 13,635,002 times.


This plug-in allows you to view Google analytics on the dashboard. You can also share the same dashboard with others. You can easily track your blog with this plug-in. It was downloaded 333,279 times.

Google Sitemap Generator:

Google site map is installed on your web server and it automatically generates site map. Its purpose is to monitor the traffic of your web server and automatically find updates for your website.

Contact-form 7:

Contact-form7 is used for the management of many forms and mails. It has many features of AJAX, Akismet.


Akismet is an effective plug-in used to control spams .To use this plug-in, its API key is compulsory to use. If you have a business site or commercial then you can use the compensated subscription but for personal you do not need to.


Nextgen-Gallery is popular as well as work as the plug-in of most common image gallery. Every WordPress is familiar with this plug-in. its downloads are 5.2 millions


Jetpack supercharges yourself‑hosted WordPress locations with the awesome cloud power of get begun with Jetpack, download and install the plug-in. Once you’ve established Jetpack you’ll get access to all the delightful features.


It is the most important and successful tool. It is a social plug-in where users share information with each other. It’s downloads are 1,817,347.


It is an important plug-in which provides a better website theme to mobile users and they can easily experience the website with unique features.

WP to Twitter:

It is a medium between your blog and twitter account. Whenever you update you blog, it automatically performs auto posting on Twitter.

Bad Behavior:

It is an important plug-in which is used to control and monitors the spams over your content and blog. It is based on PHP.


This plug-in has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 which shows its massive use by bloggers. This plug-in allows the integration facility.


As the name implies, it check for all the broken links in the blogs and make inform.


Antivirus plug-in helps you to identify the viruses, spywares and spams. It monitors your blog and identifies the risk of these spywares.


Everyone knows the importance of backup. This plug-in is very helpful. BackWPup performs the task of using backup before installation.

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2013: New year. New Gadgets?

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - - 1 Comments

New Year doesn't necessarily mean new sets of resolutions, new gadgets or wishes. Sometimes, the old ones might still be good and just need a little make-over.

I was actually cleaning our 20+ year old Nikon fan. Dirt and dust are all over and so I decided to dismantle it. After I was done with the cleaning, I thought of visiting my mother's junkyard where some unusable stuff are stored before assembling the fan back to its form. Found this old Asahi fan with its nice blade intact. I salvaged those useful parts and voila! My antiquated fan now looks like NEW! I really thought I needed a new one. A little make over just get things done.

Sometimes we need to learn from our experience. Some are just logically the same and same solutions applies. We just need to be conscious with ourselves and our surroundings.

I'm doing good handling our finances this 2012. A lot of adjustments and discipline imposed to achieve my goal. God willing, 2013 will be better. Go go go wooosh! Happy New Year everyone. Have a safe one. God bless.

Tutorial: How to Marcot a Plant?

Thursday, December 27, 2012 - - 0 Comments

I'm no expert on marcotting. In fact, this is my very first attempt to do such a thing. It's passion and the love of my plant that drives me to do so. I have this rare kind of plant named Caribbean Jasmine. I've already been to several nurseries but failed to find one.

Bought this plant on a once a year occasion where gardeners gathered during the feast of St. Augustine in our city. The event was called Agro Fair where plants are displayed for sale. Anyway, to make the story short, I wanted to have several of this kind. Tried cutting a matured stalk to be propagated but failed. Did some research and found out that the only safe way to do it is through Marcotting.

This tutorial is based on what I have understood and on the available materials I can find in our area.

Materials Needed:
1 4X8 inces cellopane
2 adhesive tape
sharp knife cutter
compost soil

Step 1: Select a plant. In my case, I used my Caribbean Jasmine as subject.
Step 2: Select a matured branch. Remove around 2 inches of the skin. See image below

Step 3: Cut the base of the cellophane making it open from top to bottom.

Step 4: Slowly insert the cellophane to the targeted branch. Settle it just below the peeled portion of the branch.

Step 5: Seal the base of the branch with adhesive tape.

Step 6: Pour in the compost soil. Make sure you added a little bit of water to it and also, make sure that the peeled portion are covered with soil.

Step 7: Wrap around the top portion of the cellophane and seal it with tape.

This is it looked: